Why Kentucky and why the blog?



Historic Old Washington, Kentucky



Cortado at Coffea in Lexington

I moved to Kentucky from Kansas in August 2014 and immediately set out to explore the state.  My interest in history, architecture and historic preservation often determines my day trip choices, but I also enjoy tramping about on trails and in the woods.  I’m always on the lookout for the quirky and unusual.  I’m a sucker for courthouses, libraries, depots and historic homes.  And Kentucky is just one incredibly gorgeous state, so I spend a lot of time enjoying how beautiful and GREEN it is!  Scouting out the best local coffee and traditional foods is also an important element of my travels.

And why the blog?  Basically that’s to give my Facebook friends a break.  The blog gives me the opportunity to share my photos and enthusiasm for Kentucky without overloading everyone’s FB feed.  No one’s complained (yet!), but I figure they’re being polite and it’s just a matter of time.  😉

Coleman-Desha Plantation, Cynthiana, Kentucky

Coleman-Desha Plantation, Cynthiana, Kentucky

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