What Happened to Sarah Vining?

My grandmother’s sister. A tragic story from a not-so-distant time when we didn’t have a treatment for typhoid fever. Sadie spent the remaining 60 years of her life in the state insane asylum.

Then and Now

Her name was Sarah Vining but her family called her Sadie. She was born in Missouri on November 17, 1876. Her father, Henry, was 39, and her mother, Nancy, was 25. She was the second-born of their 13 children. She had a half-sister and two half-brothers as well, who were older than her.

The family moved to Wilson County, Kansas when she was only 2 years old. Her 9-year-old half-brother, James Ashlock, died that year. When she was 3, a new brother arrived, but baby William H. Vining died after three months.

I’m not sure if the family moved several times or if her mother just went to different places for the birth of the children. The towns or townships were Cedar, Thayer, Wilson, Newark, and Neodesha. The census taker listed them at various times for Newark with Henry’s occupation recorded as farmer.

The children attended Pea Ridge School and…

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One thought on “What Happened to Sarah Vining?

  1. Do you know any details of this Vining family’s migration path west before arriving in Missouri? I have encountered ‘Vining’ in my research in NC but the supposed North American landfall was in Massachusetts. Not saying that MA to NC/TN is impossible but it’s always seemed a bit unlikely to me and could be happenstance that the only good records are for the Vinings of MA while perhaps there was a more southern Vining progenitor. Great article…I did not understand typhoid at all before reading this article.


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