Kansas: David Traylor Zoo in Emporia

David Traylor Zoo, Emporia, Kansas. July, 2013.

Before I left Kansas in 2014, an El Dorado friend and I met up in Emporia and spent the afternoon at the David Traylor Zoo.  Emporia is midway between El Dorado and Lawrence, where I was living at the time.

The David Traylor Zoo is a small zoo located in Emporia, Kansas,  Admission to the zoo is free. You can walk through the zoo to view the naturalized exhibits.  The zoo is located in Soden’s Grove Park, which includes a small train that operates in the summer, the historical Marsh Arch Bridge, and an All Veterans Memorial….[it] is one of the smallest zoos in the United States that is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.   It features naturalized exhibits of native and exotic birds and animals, and is noted for its extensive landscaping.  Wikipedia

2 thoughts on “Kansas: David Traylor Zoo in Emporia

    1. I remember being surprised about it, too. Here’s what the Emporia website says: “Following its halcyon days, much of Soden’s Grove seemed to decline, even though it remained one of the City’s major parks. Its primary use came from the baseball diamond, the questionable zoo, and the miniature train which is owned and operated by the Sertoma Club. Recently, this trend has been reversed as Soden’s is now the scene of constant activity.”


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