Boyle County: Historic Judge Boyle House Demolished


BoyleHouse_national register of historic places_1980

1815 Boyle House. National Register of Historic Places application (1980).


Sad news reported by the Kentucky Trust for Historic Preservation in a Facebook post yesterday:

Historic Boyle House, home of county’s namesake, lost


We’re truly sickened by the loss of this home, the namesake of Boyle County. The Trust worked tirelessly in efforts with local preservationists to find a viable option to preserve this important place. After many options and a full value purchase offer for the house and farm, the owners opted to demolish to build a new home one the same site, forever destroying an important legacy for the county and state. We must find ways to ensure the preservation of our communities important historic places before more are lost! Please consider an easement to protect your historic home, contact us for more information.


BoyleHouse-PVA 1

Photos from the Boyle County Property Valuation Administrator (undated)


Judge-John-Boyle-House-_ Boyle County Public Library

Photo from the Boyle County Library (undated).

5 thoughts on “Boyle County: Historic Judge Boyle House Demolished

  1. It seems to me that Americans are too quick to destroy their past! would this have happened in Europe–I wonder?
    It’s really a shame.


  2. Even though I’m not a fan of all we Europeans did to this land when we came over, I do hate to see beautiful old buildings fall into disrepair and be replaced by ugly, and usually quite temporary, monuments to our consumerism. The old photos, of this house when it was lovingly kept, versus the later ones fill me with regret and sadness for all that is forgotten and lost


    1. Homes being built today will generally only last a generation–cheap materials, shoddy construction. Historic homes were built to last hundreds of years. It’s lose-lose in my opinion.


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