Lexington: Slave Quarters at Waveland


waveland slave quarters 1May, 2015

Pictured above is the  last remaining building that housed enslaved people at Waveland–the so-called “slave quarters.”  Waveland Plantation is just south of Lexington, Kentucky, as you head towards Nicholasville.  There were several buildings that housed the 60+ enslaved people at Waveland; this one survived because it was constructed of brick, while the others were of wood.  It’s located directly behind the mansion–basically in what you would think of as its “backyard.” 

The kitchen on the ground floor was where food was prepared for the Bryan family in the big house.  It also served as an all-purpose work space.



waveland slave quarters 4

A Waveland “slave pass” from 1850. 


Living quarters were upstairs.

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waveland slave quarters 15

Honoring the “Patriarchs of Waveland.” 

waveland slave quarters 14

…while on the reverse side–“The Bryan Family Slaves,” including Essex and Gilbert, who are named in the 1850 slave pass pictured earlier. 


I’ve written about Lexington and Kentucky’s history of slavery in several other posts:

6 thoughts on “Lexington: Slave Quarters at Waveland

  1. I read about slave passes while reading “12 Years a Slave,” and before that, I hadn’t really realized that even running a simple errand was fraught with complications that free people never think about.


      1. Dummies shit ever. I bet if the table were turned they wouldn’t trade places with a slave… Smh.


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