Lost (again): McConnell Springs

lost mcconnell springs

Honestly, my blog posts here are often just to help ME remember where I’ve been, as well as why and when!  The Facebook app “On This Day” reminded me that in May, 2015, I tried to visit Historic McConnell Springs in Lexington for the first time:

Ok, GPS, give it up. Just ADMIT you don’t know where McConnell Springs is! While truly a lovely drive through horse farms and, eventually, Woodford County, you were just constantly rerouting me further away from it! Glad that for me it’s about the journey, not the destination.  😉



McConnell Springs is a 26-acre “natural areas park located at the historic springs where the city of Lexington, Kentucky was named” (Wikipedia):

In June 1775, William McConnell and his fellow frontier explorers camped at a natural spring in the wilderness of the Virginia territory known as Kentucky. Word came from nearby Fort Boonesboro that the first battle of the American Revolution had been fought in Lexington, Massachusetts. In honor of the battle, the group named their future settlement “Lexington”.  Friends of McConnell Springs

I’ve been there many times since that day in 2015, but I gave up on that particular day.  🙂

If you’d like to read about other times I’ve been “lost,” here you go!:



One thought on “Lost (again): McConnell Springs

  1. I admire how calm you are about being lost!
    I guess you have to see it as an opportunity.
    Your descriptions of Kentucky and research into the history make your blogs great to read.


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