My First Kentucky Day Trip: Stanford

Stanford Main Street on the original Wilderness Road

Stanford Main Street, the original Wilderness Road

Today I’m remembering my very first Kentucky day trip from two years ago.  It was totally unplanned–I got in the car and headed south of Lexington to see what I could see!  One of the places I visited that day was Stanford.

Stanford is the 2nd oldest settlement in Kentucky, dating to 1775. Stanford’s Main Street is where the original Wilderness Trail ran along St. Asaph’s Creek.



If you’re trying to read those historical signs, I consulted the useful Kentucky Historical Signs site (Kentucky Historical Society) for the text:

  • For Benjamin Lincoln, 1733-1810. Born Mass. In War of Revolution took Mass. Regts. to reinforce New York, 1776; at Saratoga, 1777, cut Burgoyne’s communications with Canada; 1778, command of Southern Department. Commissioned by Washington to receive the sword of Cornwallis at British surrender, Yorktown, 1781. Secretary of War, 1781-84. Led forces that quelled Shays’ Rebellion.  (Courthouse lawn)


  • Chiefs Oconostota, Attacullaculla, and Sewanooko signed the Treaty of Sycamore Shoals in 1775 which relinquished Cherokee claims to most of present-day Kentucky. It was the largest land cession in the history of the frontier, up to that time, and led to the settlement of forts Harrod, Boonesborough, and Logan’s Station.(Reverse) Chief Doublehead (Chiqualataque), an influential leader in Cumberland Plateau region, frequently attacked Wilderness Trail and Ky. settlements in the 1700s. Wm. Whitley, Benj. Logan, and Isaac Shelby fought against his raids. Yet, the chief negotiated significant land & peace treaties and was a guest of Pres. Washington, Adams, and Jefferson.  (Courthouse lawn)

4 thoughts on “My First Kentucky Day Trip: Stanford

    1. I haven’t eaten at the Bluebird Café, but I’ve heard so much about it! Thanks for the recommendation. When I was there a couple of years ago, I didn’t know about it.


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