Company’s Coming!

I’ve really been looking forward to my sister and her husband’s visit to Kentucky in mid-October.  One of my first blog posts was about their visit two years ago:  Kentucky Palisades: OMG, Siri!   But–surprise–they’ll be here tomorrow instead!  It’s not a problem, but it means I need to get organized faster than I had planned.  🙂

Most of my plans for this week weren’t set in stone, so I can free up time.  I still plan to go to my OLLI  (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Kentucky) class on the history of Camp Nelson, an important Civil War site.  It was established in 1863 as a depot for the Union army and became a recruiting ground for new soldiers from eastern Tennessee and escaped slaves, many of whom trained to be soldiers.  If G & D are interested, they might want to go along with me to this.

Camp Nelson Heritage Park.

Camp Nelson Heritage Park.

I also have a reservation to go to the premiere of “Forgotten Fame: The Marion Miley Story” at The Kentucky Theater this week.  As I was regretfully crossing through it in my planner, it occurred to me that G & D would definitely enjoy it.  They’re golfers and the film tells the story of Lexington’s Marion Miley, a major figure in the early days of women’s golf.  Tragically, she and her mother were murdered in a robbery at the Lexington Country Club in 1941.  Tom Eblen wrote about Marion Miley and the upcoming film in the Lexington Herald-Leader last week:  A golf pioneer, a country club murder and a forgotten tragedy retold 75 years later.


Lexington Herald-Leader.

Since they’re staying at the Kentucky Horse Park Campground, it makes sense to visit the Kentucky Horse Park itself.  I don’t know how you can go home after a visit to the Bluegrass and explain to your friends that, no, you didn’t see any thoroughbreds!


Thoroughbreds exercising at Keeneland in the Bluegrass.

I definitely want to take them to walk the trails at McConnell Springs, the site where a group of frontiersmen heard the news of the American colonists’ victory in the Revolutionary War Battle of Lexington–and decided Lexington would be the name of the town they were planning.


McConnell Springs

Finally, in this admittedly fluid itinerary, I think we ought to visit Bryan’s Station in Lexington and Greenville in Muhlenberg County.  My sister and I recently discovered a strong family connection to both of those places dating to frontier days in Kentucky.

Once G & D get here, we’ll decide what our priorities are, but at least we have a starting point for things to do while they’re here!


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3 thoughts on “Company’s Coming!

    1. Oh, Beverly, yes, we thought it was a wonderful film! And you were such a big part of bringing the story to us–thank you. In the Q & A after the premiere, the director was asked about why she thought Marion Miley’s story had been forgotten, even right here in Lexington, in just a generation. Part of it, of course, was that it was overshadowed by Pearl Harbor. But I think the director’s sense that her death was just too horrible was correct. The community couldn’t separate her life from the way she died, so they had to put it out of their memory entirely.

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