Lexington: Kentucky Theater Summer Classics

summer classics 2016 kentucky theatre

Summer afternoons at the historic Kentucky Theatre watching classic movies?  Count me in!

Every Wednesday this summer, the Kentucky offers showings of blockbuster films from the past at 1:30 and 7:15.

There are several series premieres in this year’s lineup, including  Labyrinth (1986) this week and The King and I (1956) last week.  The Princess Bride (1987), which was also shown last year, makes a repeat performance on August 24.

It’s fun to get there early to enjoy the pre-show music played on the theatre organ.  Grab your popcorn and drink and settle in for the fun.  The organist always saves the best for last–“My Old Kentucky Home.”  Feel free to sing along.  🙂

kentucky theatre summer classics 2016


The Kentucky Theatre is one of a few remaining movie palaces in the United States.  It opened in 1922.

The Kentucky Theatre is a familiar landmark to generations of Lexingtonians. Its richly ornamented walls and glowing stained glass fixtures have hosted gala events and entertained overflowing crowds. They have also endured hard times and disasters, both natural and manmade. And so it stands today, a true palace of memories, a hall full of comedy, tragedy, drama, adventure, and just plain fun.  Kentucky Theatre website

Kentucky Theater_4

kentucky theatre_2

Kentucky Theater_3


2 thoughts on “Lexington: Kentucky Theater Summer Classics

  1. The inside still has it’s grand details. Delightful. Just think, you are following in the tradition of the early movie-goers who would escape the summer heat in the cool interior of the movie theater.


    1. I like that thought, Ginger. It was combined with the smaller State Theatre next door, so now they have two screens. The Kentucky was purposely built without a balcony–which effectively kept it segregated, since African-Americans were only allowed to sit in theater balconies during that period.


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