Help Save Cynthiana’s Historic Handy House

handy house 30
You can make your voice heard by signing the Harrison County Heritage Council’s petition on  Sign HERE:  Save Cynthiana’s Historic Handy House

Save an important part of Kentucky history!!

With a previous history of tearing down every old house in sight, we want the fiscal court and the city commission to let an entity save the house!

handy house 22

Boarded-up entrance to the cellar where new or “problem” slaves were chained

This national treasure was built in 1817 by U.S. Congressman and War of 1812 Colonel, William Brown. With the family’s close ties to Henry Clay, Mary Todd’s family and the Warfields, their anti-slavery stance, emancipation of their slaves, and a close relationship with Abraham Lincoln, we feel this structurally sound house deserves to be saved.

Well-known historical preservationists have stepped forward to provide the financial means to restore the house into a much needed event venue and community center. As the fiscal court and city commission votes were made without appropriate consideration, we are also encouraging the local government to revisit this action to better reflect the overwhelming preservation support expressed from the local, state, and national levels.

For more info about the house the following link has an EXTENSIVE description of the house’s history:  History of Handy House


handy house_historic photo_from petition

Historic photo from the petition (Harrison County Heritage Council)

This petition will be delivered to:
  • Kentucky Governor
  • Representative
    Andy Barr
  • Senator
    Rand Paul
  • Representative
    Thomas Massie
  • State Representative
    Thomas McKee
  • Harrison County Fiscal Court
  • Cynthiana City Commission




handy house 18

Front porch of Handy House


I’ve been following this story since I first visited Handy House in early 2015: 

Cynthiana’s Handy House: The Complications of Preservation

Cynthiana: Countdown to Demolition

Cynthiana: Kentucky’s Historic Handy House Facing Demolition


handy house 21

Note the unusual curved ceiling of the back porch



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