Maysville: One of America’s Most Charming Small Towns


Maysville, Kentucky

You probably all know by now that a visit to Maysville is one of my favorite Kentucky day trips.  A few days after my trip there last weekend, I saw that Country Living magazine had named it one of America’s “Most Charming” towns.  I agree!

Maysville, Kentucky is a charming little town, but is it one of America’s most charming? Country Living Magazine’s readers say it is and they place it near the top of their list. They rank Maysville up there with Stowe, Vermont, Breckenridge, Colorado and Jackson, Wyoming.  WKRC-Cincinnati

“Maysville Named to ‘Most Charming’ List”

What makes Maysville such a charmer?

Unlike a lot of little Kentucky towns, Maysville didn’t tear down its history; it kept it and built on it. The Russell Theatre and Cox Building are just a few places that escaped the wrecking ball and were reborn. The Washington area boasts homes from the 18th century. Downtown, an innovative developer has turned an old feed mill into upscale office space with a coffee shop that would fit in any major city. The charm is a magnet.


According to one traveler,

….you might feel some culture shock when you roll into Maysville, but it may be exactly the culture shock you’re looking for. Maysville was founded 228 years ago. WKRC-Cincinnati



When you visit (not IF you visit, but WHEN!), stop by the Maysville Tourism Office and pick up maps for their self-guided walking tours.  You can also stop by the Washington Visitor’s Center to arrange for tours of Old Washington.






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