Quoth the Raven

If you find yourself in Lexington with time on your hands, but not enough time for a full visit to a museum, stop by the University of Kentucky Art Museum and enjoy the outdoor sculpture garden.

My favorite on the day I visited last fall was Peter Woytuk’s bronze and weathered stone sculpture:  Stone Bench with Great Raven. 

Peter Woytuk, called “the greatest animal sculptor of the Western world in the closing years of the 20th century” by the International Herald Tribune, has developed over the years a fascination with sculpting various forms of animals—birds in particular. Featured in this bench is one of his most frequently depicted subjects, the raven. The artist’s impressionistic approach demonstrates the bird’s remarkable liveliness. “I’ve done some research on them,” he says. “They spend a good 90 percent of their lives playing because they’re so adept at survival.”  Woytuk’s ravens, totaling over 50 individual sculptures, reveal their inquisitive, mischievous nature. In the tradition of historical animal sculptors, Woytuk has chosen to keep his bronze editions small, usually limited to just eight castings.

UK Art Museum

Of course, the outdoor sculpture garden is open whenever, but here’s the info from the website that you’ll need if you plan a full visit to the art museum:

uk art museumADMISSION:
FREE  .  Pay Attention  (I love this!)


Singletary Center for the Arts
405 Rose Street
Lexington, KY 40506-0241


Parking is easy on weekends, but trickier at other times since you’re competing for campus parking.  Check their website for more info and tips: 


Tues. – Thurs..: 10am to 5 pm
Fri.: 10am to 8 pm
Sat. – Sun.: noon to 5pm
Closed Mondays & University Holidays



2 thoughts on “Quoth the Raven

    1. Your comment sent me off to read about Fish Crows! Apparently they’re actually smaller than regular crows. Interesting to learn about them! And I see that regular crows live up to 8 years, while ravens can live up to 30 years! Gotta love the internet. 😉


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