Kentucky Palisades: OMG, Siri!

kentucky palisades from the river 2My sister and her husband were visiting from Florida and camped at the Camp Nelson RV Park about 20 miles south of Lexington.  My plan was to drive down to the RV park to pick them up for dinner.  They had warned me about the problems they had with the GPS directions to the RV park.

She gave me detailed instructions about how to get there:  something about a bridge and a white house with an American flag, yada, yada, yada…. and I’m sure all of that would have been very helpful, except for the fact that I was coming from the other direction and Siri on my iPhone had other plans for my route.  (For some reason I thought I would have better luck with my GPS than they did.)

kentucky palisades from riverThey had been directed to Old Lexington Road, which is at least the right road (sort of) to get to the RV park. Siri directed me to turn off onto Old Danville Road, several miles before the bridge over the Kentucky River that my sister had mentioned.

I didn’t see the landmarks she had mentioned, so naturally I thought I just hadn’t reached them yet. I forged ahead and quickly found myself on the road-of-no-return.  I was on a one-lane road (trail?) up and over the Kentucky Palisades, although I didn’t know it at the time. This seems to have been the original FRONTIER road (ok, I’m exaggerating, but it could have been!) which took me up through heavy forest onto a mountainous ridge with stunning views of the valleys below and equally stunning, sheer drop-offs on the other side. I later found out that the RV park was at the base of one of those cliffs.

There weren’t really any connecting roads where I could turn around and backtrack.  Siri’s readout just kept showing me getting farther and farther from my destination. After many miles, I finally came out onto a 2-lane road that took me back to U. S. Highway 27 where I started. I think I had just had the grand tour of Jessamine County, Kentucky!

After examining the directions on the RV park’s website, I finally figured out the route and arrived 45 minutes late. I had heard from my daughter that GPS for Lexington was spotty, but it appears that you’re on your own for the rest of the state, too!

8 thoughts on “Kentucky Palisades: OMG, Siri!

  1. I know very curvey road old Danville Road , yes it would be very dangerious in the winter and ice.
    I love the scenery of Kentucky
    So beautiful..


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