Cynthiana: Kentucky’s Historic Handy House Facing Demolition

Front porch of the Handy House

Front porch of the Handy House

Handy House

Handy House

It’s nothing short of criminal what the city of Cynthiana, Kentucky, and Harrison County, Kentucky, are doing with the Handy House (also known as Ridgeway), a historic 1818 property that they acquired in 2002. At the time of their acquisition, it was in much better condition.

handy house cynthiana

Handy House sits high atop a hill

Now because they have allowed it to deteriorate over the ensuing years, they are going through the process of voting to raze it, which apparently was their intention from the start. They bought the house and surrounding 120 acres to use for their Flat Run Veterans Park. Apparently their rationale is that the ONLY place on those 120 acres that is suitable for a community swimming pool is on the exact spot of the Historic Handy House.

I visited the site recently on a gray day in February. Built history is a big part of our country’s history and who we are as a people. I walked away from the Handy House with a great and heavy sense of sadness.


February, 2015

6 thoughts on “Cynthiana: Kentucky’s Historic Handy House Facing Demolition

  1. Tootielovell! I finally figured out who you are! Is there a story behind your name? (I’m sure there is!)

    Yes, there is an organization of supporters of Handy House (Ridgeway). I follow them on Facebook: Friends of Ridgeway Historic Community Center. And just today they announced their new blog: Recently, the privately-owned Coleman-Desha Mansion was opened for tours as a fundraiser for Handy House (I went). 🙂

    The problem seems to be a lack of interest/receptiveness by the City/County in historic preservation. It’s a precarious situation and they could vote to tear it down at any time, even if money is raised and community support is there. .

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