Lexington: Common Grounds Coffee House

Common GroundsWhen I arrived in Lexington a year ago, my moving van was a few days behind me, so I couldn’t even fix coffee in my new home.  Before I left Kansas, I had checked out what Lexington had in the way of coffee shops.  Of course, there’s always Starbucks, but I was looking for the character and authenticity that’s hard to find in a chain. 

Common GroundsI fell in love with Common Grounds Coffee House, Lexington’s oldest coffee shop.  It’s located downtown at 343 E. High Street.  They also have a drive-through kiosk called The Daily Grind at 4772 Hartland Parkway in my neighborhood in south Lexington and a newly opened coffee shop on the University of Kentucky campus.

Common Grounds

Common Grounds…started in 1992 as just a local coffee shop and has grown into the largest locally owned coffee business in Lexington. Besides the 3 stores, Common Ground’s has a warehouse facility where coffee is roasted fresh every week and  the warehouse is where the majority of the food products are made in the company’s commercial kitchen. http://www.commongroundsoflexington.com

Common GroundsI’ve been back many times since that first cappuccino and it never disappoints.  It’s a great place to hang out with a book or laptop and a coffee.  There are several seating areas inside, as well as outside tables.

Common Grounds is the epitome of what a coffee shop should be!



3 thoughts on “Lexington: Common Grounds Coffee House

  1. Sounds delightful! My hometown of Buffalo has several local coffee shops and two local chains. I don’t drink coffee, but I still enjoy the ambiance of the “real thing” and often stop in for tea and something delicious.


    1. Hi, Kathy. Oh, I agree, the ambiance is what I look for, too (well, along with great coffee!) I got spoiled when I lived in India and family there had a coffee plantation. Best coffee in the world!


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