How I ended up in Nicholasville when the plan was a day trip to Frankfort!

Nicholasville Main Street

Nicholasville Main Street

When I moved to Kentucky from Kansas a year ago, I quickly learned that you have to be, well, flexible, when it comes to day trips. Yesterday was a case in point.

My plan was to head to Frankfort, the state capital, which is about 45 minutes from where I live in Lexington. Sort of northwest of Lexington. I had passed by it numerous times on the interstate, but I was always headed somewhere else. So I made plans to visit the city, but before I headed out, I had to earn my treat by completing some morning appointments and errands.

J's Place Coffee House

J’s Place Coffee House

Several hours later (doctor appointment took forever, standing in line at the tag office took forever….) I finished up my errands and found myself in south Lexington, so Frankfort was even farther away than when I started.

Since I was at an alterations shop on Nicholasville Road (avoid N’ville Road if at all possible! Crazy traffic ALWAYS!), I decided to head south to the city of Nicholasville instead. I assumed I could find something historic there to get excited about.

Nicholasville is a bedroom community about 20 minutes from south Lexington, but I figured it would have, at the very least, a historic Main Street. But as I reached the city limits, it seemed to be just car lots and fast food restaurants along the interstate. So I asked my GPS to find Main Street for me and, yay, there it was!

Not having researched this spur-of-the-moment trip, I just got a general impression as I drove through town, taking note of a coffee house (J’s Place Coffee House) for future reference. But then, wowza, the Jessamine County Courthouse loomed into view! And what a courthouse! Well done, Jessamine County.

jessamine courthouse

5 thoughts on “How I ended up in Nicholasville when the plan was a day trip to Frankfort!

  1. I love your spirit of adventure.
    Wow! What a payoff. I love architecture, too. Glad your spontaneous trip worked out so well.


    1. I’m a great believer in serendipity, Kathy, and I have such fun exploring Kentucky! Even when I don’t get to where I thought I would be going, there’s always something interesting to see/do. Thank heavens for GPS, though!


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